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Join our community as a mentor / Guest speaker / ambassador ! Volunteers help us to support our goals to empower female change makers through the AWE program in DR Congo. As a mentor you will be assigned to one or more women entrepreneurs by dedicating at least one hour of your time weekly. As a guest speaker, you will be called to offer a speech at one or more events organized by the AWE program. As an ambassador, you could use your influence and networks to amplify AWE activities. Please register here if interested. 

Pamela Ilunga
Pamela Ilunga

Volunteer | Deputy CEO of Vodacom DRC

Arlette Agneroh

Volunteer: mentor | Program manager at ONU Femmes

Prince Nzanzu, AWE DRC Program M/E officer
Prince Nzanzu

Volunteer: Mentor | 2021 MWF

Soki Kinyoma Annie

Volunteer: CFO & Communication Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world coordinate implementation, including identifying partners, facilitators, mentors, and participants. Public and private-sector partner organizations support, supplement, and localize the AWE experience by providing networks and enrichment opportunities.

Below are the conditions to join the first ever cohort of AWE DRC participants. The applicant should be:

  • A female entrepreneur owning a business with all legal documents and proven past business activities.
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have basic computer literacy skills
  • Have a proven communication skills
  • Be a resident of one the specific city in which the hub she is applying for is locate
  • If selected among the top 10 finalists, you might travel to the United States to attend a training at Harvard University. By then, you should have a valid passport.
  • Currently, the only method for applying to participate in the AWE DRC Program is via this website. You will need access to a desktop computer/tablet/smartphone and the Internet to apply. Only those applicants who fully complete the online application will be considered. Applications and information submitted through email or other means will not be considered.
  • You. will need to complete your application in one session.  Please note the deadlines stipulated for your preferred cohort dates.
  • Answer all questions on the application in English. Spelling and grammar will be evaluated to assess your english proficiency.
  • Questions that require a response are marked with an asterisk (*). Questions that are not marked with an asterisk are OPTIONAL and do not have to be completed.
  • All answers in the application including written responses to personal statements must be your own original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and applicants found to have plagiarized will be disqualified.
  • You may wish to review the application and its questions before filling in the application. Some applicants find it helpful to create their responses offline (in a separate Word document for example) and then cut and paste their responses into the appropriate sections of the application.

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs invites renowned guest speakers to share their expertise and experience in their respective industries. These accomplished business owners and executives offer valuable advice and insights for aspiring female entrepreneurs. study under the best in business. They can also serve as mentors.

A typical AWE mentor will devote 5 hours monthly for approximately 6 months for a cohort’s participant mentored. Mentorship could be done in person or online. If interested please reach out to us through the Contact page.
We work with local partners, U.S. Exchange Alumni, and business leaders to host additional networking and entrepreneurial events. If interested please reach out to us.

AWE is specifically designed for women taking part in a facilitated experience hosted by U.S Embassies and Consulates participating in AWE.

Become a mentor / Guestspeaker / volunteer

Join us to empower female entrepreneurs

We are constantly looking for experienced entrepreneurs / business leaders (preferably women) with post revenue business to join our dedicated team of facilitators that is building a new generation of impact female entrepreneurs through mentorship.

Mentors will serve as volunteers associated with the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs. We count on your heart of helping others, and your dedication to leaving the World better than you found it. So, if you think that describes you, then you might be whom they are looking for.

Currently, the AWE team includes over 10 changemakers from around the DR Congo including facilitators, mentors and support staffs, and they are looking for more amazing people to join AWE – DRC team